What happens during a chiropractor visit

The musculoskeletal system of the body is treated by a specialist, the chiropractor. A non-invasive approach to treatment is utilized by the chiropractor, without the use of drugs or surgeries. While they do perform adjustments of the spinal column for health problems a chiropractor actually does much more.

Counseling and education are important duties of the chiropractor who provides counsel in the areas of nutrition, strength training and alleviating stress. Chiropractors may specialize in areas such as, nutrition, sports injuries and geriatrics providing greater flexibility, range of motion and reduction of pain in movement.

Carrying far less risk than surgical procedures and pharmaceutical treatment, chiropractic care seems to be a wise choice. Extensive research has documented and proven the safety and positive overall effects of chiropractic adjustments. The holistic and safe treatment provided by chiropractic care is preferable to many people rather than traditional medical treatment.

When you find an affordable chiropractor prepare yourself to give a good health history and description of your current symptoms when you visit the his office so that he can provide the best possible care designed for your specific needs. He will then perform a physical examination similar to an exam you would receive from your medical doctor. These include taking blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, checking reflexes, along with checking for any misalignments or malfunctions of the spine.

Your affordable chiropractor depending on his findings may determine that further tests may be needed, such as x-rays to completely assess the affected area and rule out any serious problems such as fractures. Once the exam is complete and the doctor has a clear understanding of your problem, he may then begin adjustments. Restored body function and healing occur over time through the use of these adjustments which are done by hand. On going visits may be necessary along with periodic examinations to determine the progress of your healing.

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