Content Management For Your WordPress Blog

There are basically three different types of content for your WordPress blog. You have posts, pages and links. All three elements are important in order to have a successful blog. It is very important that you place your content in the right format in order to have proper content management. By doing this, you will make your blog more appealing to visitors because it will be much easier to navigate.

Here are the different types of content for your blog and the right way to use them.

Posts – when you think of blogging, you probably think about posts more than any other type of content. The reality is that most of your content will come from posts, but not all. Your posts are what keep fresh content on your blog. Fresh content that is updated on a regular basis will make your blog very appealing to the spiders and bots of the search engines.

For your posts, you need to make sure that you have an appealing title. Your title for your post is very similar to the headline in the newspaper. Many readers will scan your titles to see if there is anything worthwhile to read. Create appealing, unique titles and you’ll find your readership will grow.

You can create a new post simply by clicking on the new post button.

Pages – pages are similar to posts, but they are used for different purposes. A page on your WordPress blog is made of content that is more static than your posts will be. Most blogs have an About page – which tells about the blog – and a “Contact Me” page. You might also want to have a page for your biographical information, if that is relevant to the existence of your blog.

You can create a new page either by clicking the “Write a New Page” button or by clicking the “Write” link in the navigation bar and then clicking “Page.”

Posts are always shown in chronological order. A page is used when you want something to always be featured on a page by itself and something that has always seen from the home page on your blog, as explained in this article as well.

Links – while posts and pages are very similar, links are quite different. Links will serve a very different purpose for your blog.

A link is simply a website address that your readers can click on and be taken directly to the other website or blog. Most bloggers will have a blog roll – which is simply a list of other websites and blogs that they visit and that they like. You can even group to websites and blogs that you linked to by category. Providing links to other websites and blogs does a great service for your readers. It helps to provide them with additional information.

Having other links on your website can also increase your ranking in search engines. You want to make sure that you only link to other respectable sites.

By using all three categories of content on your blog in the proper fashion, you will be able to provide your readers with excellent information and also help your blog rank higher in the search engines.

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