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Considerations for Choosing Discount Printers

Printing companies can help you with everything from letterhead to posters and address labels to business cards. If your business commissions many printing projects, then you might be considering looking into discount printing. When you choose the right company, discount printing can save your business a lot of money on the items that you use on a regular basis. However, choose the wrong company, and the discount may not be as much as you had hoped. Here are some things to look for in your search for a discount printer.

Turnaround time

As a business, you need your printed materials to arrive on time, and there is no exception for discount printing. When it comes to time there are two things that you will need to consider ? how long it takes for turnaround and how quickly you need to get an order in.

Some businesses will offer discount printing if you order far enough in advance. If you can plan your needs, then this is a good way to save your company money.

More frustrating is when the printer takes too long to process your order and mail your product after you place an order. Be sure to discuss with the printer what the turnaround time will be to see if it will meet your needs.

Duratrans Printing

Printed quality

Another aspect to be careful of when commissioning discount printing is choosing a company that offers an inferior printed product. Many times your printed products are the first things that potential customers come across, whether it is a brochure, poster, duratrans or a business card. If the printed product seems cheap, flimsy or low quality, then there is the risk that the customers will see your business the same way. To help verify that the discount printing is still high quality, ask to see a sample of work. A good duratrans printing company should be more than happy to provide you samples so you can see their work.

True pricing

Not all “discount” printing companies offer a good deal. When you are shopping for a printer, watch out for deals that sound too good to be true. You should also read the fine print. In some cases, in order to qualify for discount printing, you may be limited to a certain style or color, or you may have to order a minimum amount. If the amount is higher or lower than what you need, then you could end up paying the full price for printing. Or, if you need something special for your project, you could find that you end up paying for a plethora of ?extras.? Find out exactly what the printing price quote covers before you make your final decision.

Discount printing can help save your business a lot of money when it is done right. You simply have to know how to find the right discount printer for your needs. By being smart with your shopping, you can find a discount printer that still provides the proper turnaround time, high quality, and low prices that are great for your bottom line.

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